E-Z UPE-Z UP! Always Innovative. Always Leading. Always Original.

International E-Z UP, the #1 Instant Shelter® Brand in the World, has now made it more affordable than ever to incorporate custom shelters into company sales and marketing programs. With 30 years of experience in all types of industry, we can suggest many ideas to fulfill your company needs and budget.

International E-Z UP, Inc. is the leader in portable, quickly erectable instant shade. Mark Carter the original inventor of the Pop-Up Canopy in 1983 created a successful business with a worldwide quality reputation and recognition. For 30 years as the continued industry leader, E-Z UP has been first in innovation, quality and customer satisfaction in over 50 countries. The proof of innovations lies in the numerous worldwide product patents the company holds, over 150 and growing. One of the keys to success has been the E-Z UP commitment to company-wide values.

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