Pearl Abrasive

Pearl AbrasiveMore than 50 years ago, Max Pearlman founded a small steel fabricating company. The company expanded and became a large user of abrasive products. With the demand for consistently high quality, cost effective abrasives on the rise, the Pearlman family recognized that the industry was ready for a customer driven abrasive distributor. Using this philosophy, Pearl has expanded from a small family enterprise into an international corporation selling coated and bonded abrasives, diamond superabrasives and equipment throughout North, Central and South America. In 1968, The Pearl Abrasive Company was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of the family run Pearlman Corporation.

Pearl Abrasive Company has been supplying quality, innovative tools to welding, construction, tile and flooring professionals since 1968. Pearl Abrasive offers full lines of diamonds and abrasives for cutting metal, grinding metal, cutting concrete, and coring concrete, as well as durable concrete saws, tile saws and floor preparation equipment. Additionally, you will find unique Pearl Abrasive tile solutions, including tile spacers and tile levelers that save you time and money.

Pearl Abrasive Company is committed to innovation, quality and consistency as well as providing the best possible service to our customers. Only genuine PEARL professional products can provide the level of performance and the official "Pearl Seal of Quality" a true professional demands.

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