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Vega IndustriesVega Industries was established in California in 2001. Vega identified a need at that time in contractor supply distribution and industrial distribution for a SKU intensive fastener driving tools product program that matched the performance of existing fastener driving tools in the North American market, but at significant savings for the distributor selling to professional end users and assembly oriented manufacturing companies.

Since 2001, Vega has continued to grow our product line (over 1800 SKU’s) and customer base not only because of an ever increasing quantity of items to service our broad spectrum of customers, but also because of our commitment to on-time delivery and maintaining a low cost business model. Our distributors have come to depend on Vega’s ability to provide high performance with quality equal to or better than our competitors at costs that drive improved margins for our distributors.

Our products meet ANSI specifications where applicable to specific bit tip types. We possess the ability with strong supplier relationships to meet customers’ requirements for new products and new designs. The manufacturing processes used in the production of our fastener driving tools are regarded to be some of the best in the world today, taking into consideration consistent dimensional accuracy, and state-of-the-art heat treatment. Diligent testing and quality control play a supporting role to these processes.

To meet the requirements of our distributors’ end customers, Vega can offer driver bits that are licensed to use these well know trademarks: TORX®, TORXplus®,TORX ®ALIGN, TORX ®TAMPER TORQ-SET®, MORTORQ®, MORTORQ®SUPER, POZI-DRIV®, TRI-WING®, PHILLIPS SQUARE-DRIV®, and ACR®. All licensed bits are manufactured in strict compliance to the dimensional specifications of the licensing companies.

By working closely with VEGA, you have chosen a supplier that knows fastener driving tools…..and ONLY fastener driving tools! We look forward to being able to provide you with a superior experience with Vega products.

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