VF Imagewear

VF ImagewearWe offer a broad range of high-quality apparel that fits your every need from the boardroom to the factory floor. Whether a customer wants customized polos for a sales team golf outing, a comprehensive uniform program for a major corporation or anything in between, VF Imagewear delivers the goods you need to succeed.

But VF Imagewear is about much more than outstanding, innovative industry-specific products. Our customer service efforts and distribution network are legendary — and for good reason. Together, hundreds of knowledgeable Customer Service Reps and Sales Specialists provide easy 24-hour ordering for any VF Imagewear products.

Once your order is filled, it enters one of the world's most advanced delivery systems. As North America's largest apparel manufacturer, we have the specialized resources and logistics expertise to provide at-once delivery on 95% of all stock products.

You'll also appreciate the VF Imagewear advantage in useful extras like the wide range of sizes we make available – one extra you'll be hard pressed to duplicate anywhere else. Our broad range of brands and products allows you to find the perfect garments for your uniform program. As the industry leader for over 80 years, we understand how critical it is to make your job easier and build your company brand. So we're always on the lookout for new, innovative ways to keep you and your customers happy. The difference is in the details, and we never stop looking for ways to make our apparel fit your life.

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